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Monday, June 8, 2015

If I Knew Today Was Our Last Day Together… PMA International Love Letters To Our Children

Lynn Mari, © 2010 Love Letters To Our Children

If I knew today was our last day together…
You wouldn’t have to clean your room,
We’d pretend we were landing on the moon
As we jumped on the bed.
I’d start a “stinky sock” fight
Then fall over gagging when one lands in my face
Later I’d cling to that’s lingering smell.
I wouldn’t try to convince that broccoli is good for you
We’d make ice-cream sundaes for breakfast,
For lunch, we’d have a food fight
Then leave the kitchen a complete mess.
I would turn the bathtub into a beach….
We’d wear scuba masks and Hawaiian shirts,
and use our feet as paddles, splashing each other.
Bedtime would be more than the ritual
Of getting ready for school in the morning
We’d camp out on the couch watching “Scooby Doo”,
And scare each other with spooky noises,
Unexpected fingers tickling the back of the neck…
Then fall asleep in a tangle of arms and legs.
I would wake later, to straighten out your covers
So you won’t get cold
And I would have watch you sleep,
Just as I have every night since you were born
With your eyes gently closed, and the breath whispering between your lips,
Peace would creep across the world,
Like a mother tucking her child in at night.
If I knew today was our last day together,
I would tell you “I love you” until my voice grew
hoarse, and beg God for the strength to wake up knowing
I would spend the next day
and the countless next…with out you.

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