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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Stockholm Syndrome: The Psychological Mystery of Loving an Abuser

This psychological occurrence  is how DV by  Proxy is able to exist. It explains how children can  become estranged from their loving protective mother while bonding with their abuser dad.

Saturday, November 16, 2013
To My Children:

I love you so much, and pray for you every day. Even when you cannot see me, I keep you close in my heart.

Remember the time we played “Space”? You dressed up in your Eeyore space costume, and you dressed up in a windbreak with the hood pulled tight over your face. We rode our rocket–the push car decorated with sparkly streamers, zooming across the house. We leaped and danced, and laughed across the living room imagining that we were flying through distant galaxies.

Every night I pray for you, and send my love –it flies across space on an imaginary rocket, landing softly as a kiss on your cheek. I thank God for you, and for the blessing to be your mom. I love you always. And hope and pray we can be together soon.
xoxox Love and More Love xoxox Mommy

EJ Perth
September 7, 2013 at 7:04 am

A sample letter from a protective mother to her beloved child. Family court corruption and abuse is tearing the mother /child bond apart. Join us in helping these protective mothers express their undying love for their children, regardless of circumstance.
 PMA International, a family of advocates

Love Letters To Our Children

Look at our beautiful wall filled with love! Our  collective mother hearts shout out to the heavens and aim straight towards our children's hearts with beautiful words filled with tenderness, devotion and  deep, powerful love. Find your original letter or poem to your child. If you are not part of this important PMA event, please join us. Our blog reaches all across the internet and has over 10 thousand hits and is growing every day. Your words of love to your child will pass the test of time and remain on the internet, for all to see. How powerful and sweet is a mothers love! A bond that no person or  court can deny. Keep posting moms, keep touching hearts with your powerful words of love. You are all beautiful heroes
and PMA INTL loves and supports you and your precious children, always